About NISH

National Institute of Speech & Hearing (NISH), set up in 1997, is a prestigious venture of the Kerala State Social Justice Department. It is a comprehensive, multipurpose institution dedicated to the total rehabilitation of speech and hearing-impaired persons across the state.

Through the years since its inception NISH has made significant achievements in implementing various programs for the hearing impaired. The institute offers a wide array of services aimed at improving the lives of the hearing disabled and to rehabilitate them effectively in the hearing world. It is committed to enriching the lives of these individuals by providing professional services and technology, by promoting community awareness and accessibility, by conducting research aimed at enhancing their lives and to serve them, their families, and the professionals who work with them.

The range of services offered at NISH comprise of Audiological rehabilitation, Speech-Language rehabilitation, Early Intervention Programmes, Correspondence programme, ENT unit, Psychology unit, Technology Division, Job linked Vocational courses, Summer school, Weekend programme, Human resource development, etc.

The Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) is the statutory body of the Government of India empowered with the assessment and accreditation of rehabilitation institutions in our country. The RCI accredited NISH as an Excellent Institution in 2002 in due recognition of the achievements it has made. NISH is the youngest Institute to earn this status.